Are you looking to get a head start with your music career? Wondering how you can attract interest from a record label? Or are you just interested in improving your chances of making money from your music? Our LaunchPad programmes are specifically designed to help you achieve all of this and more.

Designed specifically to support talented artists who are looking to establish themselves with a solid career in the music industry, LaunchPad offers you all the support and development you are looking for.

Of course every artist is uniquely different. That’s why there are no two LaunchPad programmes exactly the same. Each programme is personally tailored to the individual needs of the artist, ensuring that you get all the support you need to develop in the right areas.

With this in mind we have three different strands for your LaunchPad programme


A 6 week entry level programme to write and record a commercial single. You will learn valuable tips on how to promote your music and get a introduction to life in the professional music industry.

Extended Playlist

A more advanced programme where you will write and record a 5 track EP and develop a sound knowledge base of the music industry. You will also film 2 Foundry Sessions for promotion.

Full Album

You will write and record a full commercial album. Equip yourself with all the media tools you need to present your music to the industry. Record 2 Foundry Sessions and shoot a music video.

As the names suggest the different routes allow you to develop at your own pace by committing to a level you are comfortable with.

All of the LaunchPad programmes are subject to an audition process. This is because we feel that we should only offer to work with you if we believe you have what it takes to achieve your goal at the end of the project. That’s only fair.

Why not start the ball rolling and get your audition booked today